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Love Meter to Calculate Love Percentage

1. I'm skeptical. How do you calculate love?

That's a good question, but unfortunately it's proprietary.

2. Should I use full names or is the first name enough?

We can generate a love score with just first names, but for the best results use full names. Love scores could be wildly different when using just first name versus full names - if this is the case, go with the full name score.

3. Should I use Mr., Mrs. or other titles in front of the name?

No, for best results just include the person's full name and nothing else.

4. Should I enter my own name as Person 1 or Person 2?

It doesn't matter. You'll get the same love score either way.

5. This website is stupid. Why do people use it?

You have made our love gurus sad. They're sorry that you haven't enjoyed your visit.